Ludwigshohe (4341m)

July 11, 2011

With the goal to climb Mont-Blanc, we went to Italy for practice and acclimatization.

Day 1 we climbed using a 4×4 (felt like a true Expedition…) from Gressoney to Passo Salati and then there is a brand new lift to Punta Indren.
That’s where we really started walking (one hour) using the high track, up to the Refuge Citta Di Mantova owned by the Alpine Guides of Gressoney. Crampons were needed right away which was one of the interest of going there.

This place is amazing, really confortable. Night was not that good as sleeping directly at this altitude is a challenge, but globally we have been surprised not to feel any altitude sickness symptoms, except short breath.

Here is a 360 view taken by Nathalie (featuring myself :D) after arriving at Mantova Hut:

The map below show you our progress the next day:

We waked up at 4:15AM (breakfast starts at 4:30) and left right away. We climbed the glacier up to the summit of Ludwigshohe (4341m):

From there the views are amazing:

We then reached the “Christ des sommets” at the summit of Balmenhorn (4 167 m) which is an easy reach when going down from where we’ve been.

Then we went back to the refuge and continued down to the car. Unfortunately the weather was not good enough to climb Mont-Blanc while we were in France…but we’ll be back 😀

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